How It Works

DDS Overhead Management, or DDSOM, is a group purchasing organization created to aggregate the purchasing power of MGE clients.  The vendors we’ve negotiated with offer discounts to DDSOM members on a variety of items and services, including dental supplies, labs, implants, payroll services, patient financing, marketing services, etc.  Additional vendors are already in the works, as we will continuously strive to offer our members a variety of purchasing options addressing nearly every cost associated with a dentist’s overhead.

The DDSOM team is very excited to present these savings opportunities to our members as we believe they will result in HUGE overhead reduction for your practices.

Enrollment and Membership Fees:

DDS Overhead Management is dedicated to securing huge cost savings opportunities on behalf of our members.

Although this offer is available only to MGE clients, being an MGE client does not automatically make you a member of DDS Overhead Management. To join DDSOM, you must enroll, sign a membership agreement and agree to pay a monthly membership fee.

The DDSOM monthly membership fee secures your access to the discounts and other incentives that DDSOM personnel have already negotiated and will be continuing to negotiate on your behalf.

Using Your DDS Overhead Management Membership:

Once you sign up, you’ll receive a membership ID number. Simply contact a participating vendor and give them your ID number, and they’ll apply the discounts to your orders.

You can also work with our Membership Liaison, Grayson Austin, to get started and coordinate with vendors and get any help you need.

And if there are other vendors that you would like to see participate with DDS Overhead Management, let us know! We’ll reach out to them to explore bringing them on board as an official vendor. 

Ready to Get Started?

Or contact Grayson today at (800) 640-1140 or

What Our Members Have to Say?

"DDS OM has saved us thousands of dollars! Eli at DC Dental is amazing. He is always available and was able to save us two thousand dollars on our first order of supplies! We were shocked at the discounts and savings he is able to provide on the majority of our products. DDS Overhead Management is definitely worth it if you want to reduce your overhead while working with some great companies."
Amy Eveland, COO
Smiles of Williamsburg
"We’ve been using DDS OM for a little more than 2 months and the results we’re getting is two-fold: with labs, your concern is quality. We’ve used labs with DDS OM and we’ve been getting cases back and they’ve been top quality – really good looking cases. In addition to that, our lab bills have come down significantly. The other thing is with supplies you’re concerned about service. And we’ve had no problems whatsoever with DDS OM and it has saved us a significant amount of money on our supply bill as well."
Mark Dill, DDS
Nooga Dentistry