Meet the Vendors

We’ve hand-picked each participating vendor because they deliver top quality products, quick and efficient service, and are great people to work with. Our mission is to help MGE Clients get the same, if not better quality of service or items while at the same time drastically cutting costs. And we think you will see that these companies truly went above and beyond to accommodate you!

We’ve got the “big three,” covered in our inaugural vendor list: Dental Supplies, Lab & Implants, along with several marketing companies, and insurance/wealth management specialists. And we’re moving quickly to add more vendors. We’ve taken every line item of a dentist’s Profit and Loss sheet and are systematically moving through each expense category to negotiate deals for MGE Clients.

Vendor Categories:

What Our Clients Have to Say?​

"DDS OM has saved us thousands of dollars! Eli at DC Dental is amazing. He is always available and was able to save us two thousand dollars on our first order of supplies! We were shocked at the discounts and savings he is able to provide on the majority of our products. DDS Overhead Management is definitely worth it if you want to reduce your overhead while working with some great companies."
Amy Eveland, COO
Smiles of Williamsburg
"We’ve been using DDS OM for a little more than 2 months and the results we’re getting is two-fold: with labs, your concern is quality. We’ve used labs with DDS OM and we’ve been getting cases back and they’ve been top quality – really good looking cases. In addition to that, our lab bills have come down significantly. The other thing is with supplies you’re concerned about service. And we’ve had no problems whatsoever with DDS OM and it has saved us a significant amount of money on our supply bill as well."
Mark Dill, DDS
Nooga Dentistry
"Just wanted to let you know that we saved $6,000 on our supply order this month. That is a significant savings! And it was all the same name brands I would normally use, just better prices. The customer service from the supplier is great, too. It’s such a no-brainer. You’d have to be crazy not to start ordering through DDS Overhead Management! Thank you!"
Dr. Khang Nguyen
El Portal Dental Group